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American Institute of CPAs - Personal Financial Planning (PFP)

May 19, 2020

Guest:  Lyle Benson, CPA/PFS

Has your client contact increased significantly during the pandemic? Do you wonder how other CPA financial planners are adding value and communicating with clients during this time? CPAs have provided the calm in the storm for their clients and have shifted their ways of doing business to meet changing client needs. Learn from Lyle Benson, CPA/PFS, as he shares insights from his study group of leading CPA financial planners such as:

  • What is the most important message to make sure your clients hear?
  • What are the fears and challenges that are top of mind for clients and how can you address them?
  • What are ways you can add value as a CPA financial planner?
  • What are the unique planning opportunities you can consider with your clients now?
  • What reflections questions will help you and your clients think about how you’d like life to look as we come out of the pandemic?
  • And much more

Access the related resources from this podcast:

  • Visit to find a client letter shared by Lyle that includes reflection questions. You will also find on-demand learning from top experts covering planning strategies mentioned in the podcast.

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