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American Institute of CPAs - Personal Financial Planning (PFP)

Aug 9, 2019

Guest: Paula McMillan, CPA/PFS, CGMA, Senior Financial Advisor at Stearns Financial Group

Category: Technical

In this episode, Paula McMillan, CPA/PFS gives an overview of the unique financial issues and challenges that women face and your role as their CPA adviser in helping them with their financial life plan and make sound financial decisions. She answers the questions:

  • What are the common attributes of women and money?
  • What are the complex financial issues that women face?
  • How can you build trust with your women clients?

Access the related resources from this podcast:

  • Broadridge Advisor’s Women’s resource center (free access to PFP/PFS members) includes extensive-content written by CPAs, attorneys and other experts on planning strategies, new relevant laws, etc. that are articulated in client terms.
  • Retirement planning podcast series by Paula McMillan

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